Well it looks like winter is just about here. A couple small skiffs of snow and a drop in temperature tell me it's time to get some work done in the studio.
The kiln November 10, 2011
Where did we last leave off? Oh yes, I was working on the kiln. Still. A long process I know but it looks more like a real kiln all the time. The metal frame needed a little welding before being assembled.

The arch was cast, the fire box was started, the stoking door was hung. I was able to reuse the cast arch over the door. I got far enough along that I was able to place the old castable roof on top of the firebox. It came apart in a few pieces, but with a little help I think I can get them to fit a little tighter and probably do a light skim coat of new castable on the top in the spring.
But it's too cold to lay brick now. I'm not a wimp, the mortar freezes up. Really. So it's off to the studio. Just in time because the third annual Wintertide show and sale is coming. We have lots of pots but it is a good excuse to get working on some new stuff. I was a little rusty on the wheel since I hadn't thrown anything for a few months but it's coming back to me. I think.

November 25th and 26th the place to be is the Elks Hall in Ponoka. Come on down and see the show. We should have at least one kiln load of brand new work and our good friend Shelagh Blatz of Design by Shelagh / will be joining us this year so it should be very exciting. Check out her website at http://designsbyshelagh.com 

See you there,
11/15/2011 09:44:27 am

Looking forward to it! It's always great to see your new stuff and I like seeing other peoples reactions.

7/7/2012 04:20:35 am

First time reading this blog, just wanted to say hi.


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