Not much would be the answer. Until seeding gets done, most everything gets put on the back burner. But because of some rainy weather I got out to lay down some bricks on the kiln. Kiln supervisor #2 Grant, his friend Wormy and I laid down another course with mortar in the morning. Sadly Wormy was lost in action. Not squished or anything, merely misplaced in the grass, so everything is cool. The kiln is starting to look more and more like a kiln and not just a fort for the boys. Each course of brick seems to take around an hour and a half to lay (fitting the bricks dry and then using mortar). Then I do the outside layer (the kiln wall is 2 bricks thick). By the time I get the kiln finished I'll probably have this bricklaying thing figured out. Probably.

Happy trails
5/25/2011 03:28:57 pm

Great site, I'm looking forward to the blog & the kiln adventure.

p.s. you're pic together is too cute

much happy creating,


5/26/2011 03:20:57 am

Awesome site guys!!! I'm linking it to facebook right now!

5/26/2011 01:39:13 pm

YAY!!! Looking forward to the first firing!!


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