Yippee, big news, Joe and I entered work into a show this spring...and what do you know we each had a piece accepted! SMILES! The show is a juried travelling exhibiton put together by the Alberta Potters Association. The piece I have in the show (pictured left) is called "Myth and Magic sipping cup"... a groovy little number featuring layered stamping, text, and a graphic carved section with an amphora flowing before a sea of alchemic symbols...you know that old chestnut. Joe's piece is a lidded vessel titled... "lidded jar", the man is inspired, right? Let me expand on that, it is a small, amber colored lidded jar, textured to be subtly reminiscant of the texture repeated in the cultivated fields of the farm. This show will start June 25th to Sept, 15, in Lethbridge, Alberata, at the Sir Alexander Galt Museum, then it will travel to Comox B.C. to the Comox Valley Art Gallery, Oct.1st to 31st, next the pieces land in The B.C. Gallery of Ceramics, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. from Nov.1st to Nov.30th. There may be more possible dates for the show in 2012.  Wow, my pottery will do more travelling than I will!

11/8/2013 07:23:10 pm

I completely agree with you on all the points you raised here. Thanks for expressing your views.


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