Well the trees are blooming.

The seeding is done.

So kiln supervisor #2 and I have been taking advantage of some quiet mornings and getting some work done on the kiln. It's slow going but I think I can see the finish line over that hill.

Three more courses of brick on the inside layer, six more on the outside and the main chunk of the kiln is laid.

This is where we'll have to cast the throat arch. It's what seperates the firebox from the ware chamber. As I get closer to having to make the arch I get a little more nervous. Never worked with castable refractory before and never cast anything this big and.... Oh well, I've been learning as we go right from the start. Might as well dabble in another skill.

Catch you later.


Auvery Reid
6/16/2011 10:47:34 am

You rock and your supervisor is super cute!!!


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