Holy smokes I'm a bloggin again! I'm sure one or two people were wondering when that would happen again. Well, it's happening! Hold on tight! Weeee!
Well we are pretty happy that the studio has seen a little action in the last month. The winter months have often slipped away studiowise the last few years, so any work done before spring just means we're ahead of the game. Spurring us along is the idea of the the first firing in the wood kiln. Got to have some pots to fire in it, right?
So I had me a plan see? I had a few loose ends hanging around in the form of a couple orders, for lack of a better word. I needed to throw a few more things in the cone 6 stoneware we've been using for the last 10 years.
Don't get the wrong idea here folks. The throwing took a little while. An hour here and there after the boys go to bed or after the cows get fed. But it starts to add up.

Anyways, I had planned to finish up with our old clays and switch to the new clays we'll be using in the wood kiln (the new clays will tolerate the higher temperatures of the wood kiln). But first I wanted to get our second wheel working again.
We had picked up a used Soldner wheel a couple of years ago when we were still scavenging for bricks. It worked great for a couple of months then gradually died. I thought the problem was in the pedal and after lots of grunting, headscratching, cursing and generally unhelpful tinkering, I finally ordered a new variable transformer for the pedal. Got it for less than half price on ebay. (Pat myself on the shoulder.)
So Dakota and I got busy swapping out the old for the new transformer yesterday. It took a little more mucking around than I had planned but I got there (Dakota got distracted). I hook it back up to the wheel andddd...? Nothing. Fudge. "I believe the problem is in the motor." Thanks Sherlock. Now I'm going to see whether anyone in town can fix a 1/2 hp DC motor or if I have to haul it up to Edmonton. I'm sure it will be cheap. Ugh.

Oh well. I think I will start switching clays anyways. It might be interesting as I haven't thrown with anything different in a long time. Clay can be tricky don'tcha know?

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