So during my last minutes in the studio before the craziness of spring seeding, I decided I wanted to throw some big pots. At least bigger than I normally make. With the wood kiln I feel like I have the space for some bigger pieces. Only the clay wasn't doing what I wanted it to. (Stomp my feet and kick some dirt.) I'm still figuring out how much clay goes how far, so when I get to the top of a pot, I may have too much or probably too little clay left to finish how I want. Not a big problem but frustrating.
Here's a little video showing some off the process. It doesn't show the whole pot start to finish because it takes about an hour  and I throw pretty slow. This is the "exciting" part.
Here's the pot that I ended up with. I had to add a little more at the top for the neck. I thought turned out pretty good.

Here's some other pots done in two or three pieces. Some work better than others but I'm learnin'.

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