A short while ago we fired the kiln, it has been ages since most of Joe's clay time has been spent working on the wood kiln. I was motivated by a visit from friends and relatives and friends who are relatives wanting to see and purchase new work that I was nimmer-nammering about earlier in the summer. The work was finished and it was good!!! I am a slow learner but I am finally doing more planning and less seat-pants flying, subsequently I end up with more success out of the kiln. I have plans for the fall, I plan to spread the joy of clay to youngin's in the community (whether they like it or not!) and send my work out into the world beyond the four walls of the barn. I have also attempted a new item, the "yarn bowl" I am told knitters go knuts for the things and a snappy yarn shop in Calgary wants to order some for Christmas. 
    The new work was some of the most beautiful I have ever made and many pieces already found new homes (I barely got to know them). 

9/18/2011 11:49:22 pm

do tell? what's a yarn bowl??

Auvery Reid
9/19/2011 06:37:04 am

A yarn bowl has a slit and a small hole in the side, knitters put the ball of yarn in the bowl and pull the strand as needed, they are really popular right now so I am giving them a try. I have a friend who has connections with a fancy yarn store in Calgary. It's a step!

10/11/2013 01:28:31 am

What a great blog, your pictures are stunning, I think the "flawed" dish is very special, I hope you bought it!


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